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Product Reviews

Faller - "Big Dipper" Model Roller Coaster

Faller Big Dipper CoasterReviewRatingChart_FAL_BigDipper.jpg 

King of the Midway, The Big Dipper from Faller® Gmbh of Germany is a beautiful, highly detailed, motorized HO Scale (1/87) roller coaster model kit. While not as detailed or challenging to build as the Faller® Wilde Maus, The Big Dipper is great fun to assemble and should require about twenty to thirty hours to complete. In many respects the designers of this model are to be complemented. The use of die cutting for the perimeter fence meshing is elegant and precise. The track design is equally well done. On the other hand, the many adhesive flags and sign elements have to be cut out by hand. Go figure. The manual is well written and easy to follow with only one notable omission which is discussed below. We also have some suggestions which will simplify the assembly process and, in some cases, should provide you with the best results.

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Coaster Dynamics - Original "Scorpion" Roller Coaster

Coaster Dynamics Scorpion Roller Coaster CoasterReviewRatingChart_CD_Scorpion.jpg

Coaster Dynamix®, headquartered in Elkton Virginia USA, touts their Scorpion as “The world’s most incredible operating roller coaster model!” Indeed, the original Scorpion, now replaced by the New Scorpion, mimic real world steel roller coasters in appearance and performance more accurately than any other model roller coaster construction set products on the market today. Including just over 700 parts, this “O” scale (1:48) self titled roller coaster modeling system is extremely flexible and allows the builder, within the constraints of the included parts, the ability to design and build not only the Scorpion roller coaster configuration featured in the instruction manual but also a dizzying array of their own custom roller coaster creations. The included parts are very high quality and the instruction manual is straight forward and easy to follow with no glaring omissions. A US standard 12VDC power supply is included.

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K'NEX - "Double Ferris Wheel"

K'Nex Double Ferris Wheel CoasterReviewRatingChart_KNX_DoubleFerrsWhl.jpg

The K'NEX Double Ferris Wheel, standing just over three feet tall, is the second largest member of this Pennsylvania USA based company’s line of motorized thrill ride products. Eclipsed in size only by the 5’3” tall Serpent’s Spiral roller coaster and including 977 wonderfully colorful and precisely made parts, this is truly an epic ride.

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K'NEX - "Serpent Spiral" Roller Coaster

K'Nex Serpent Spiral Roller Coaster CoasterReviewRatingChart_KNX_SrpntSpirl.jpg

Flagship of the fully motorized K’NEX® Thrill Ride product category, the aptly named Serpent’s Spiral Coaster is a great ride in every respect. Continuing in the K’NEX® tradition of “Serpent” named roller coaster products this latest entry not only embodies everything we have come to expect from this quality Pennsylvania, USA based manufacturer but also features the following upgrades from previous K’NEX® coaster models:

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Modified Brawa "Kanzelwand" Cableway Package

 brawa-modified-kanzelwand-main kanzelwand_coaster_rating.jpg


Modified Brawa® "Kanzelwand" Cableway Package
Until now, adding a classic Brawa® "Kanzelwand" Cableway to an amusement park or train layout, without also having or adding a mountain, just wasn't possible. The typical Cableway requires both a ground level (valley) station and a mountain top (summit) station to function. Now, thanks to a concept created by UK modeling guru Vernon Riley and to the modelers here at MRCHQ, adding the excitment of a "Kanzelwand" valley-valley Cableway to ANY HO scale amusement park or train layout is now a reality. No mountain required! Here's how we did it...


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Easily Build Your Own Elevated HO Scale Monorail Station

image-monstation-b7  mono-station-difficulty-rating

Recently we managed to acquire a significant inventory of the extremely cool and long out of production E-R Models Von Roll Mark III HO Scale Monorail sets. Though these awesome monorails would, by themselves, undoubtedly be a great addition to any carnival or amusement park layout, if you are a stickler for detail you might feel that something was missing. That something is a monorail station. Since, unlike ground based model trains and your typical carnival rides and attractions, a monorail by definition travels above ground there was simply no commercially available solution to fill this station void. Until now, that is. The modelers at MRCHQ have come up with a simple way to build a very cool, inexpensive, custom, elevated HO Scale Monorial station and we're going to show you how to do it!

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