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Modified Brawa® "Kanzelwand" Cableway Package
Until now, adding a classic Brawa® "Kanzelwand" Cableway to an amusement park or train layout, without also having or adding a mountain, just wasn't possible. The typical Cableway requires both a ground level (valley) station and a mountain top (summit) station to function. Now, thanks to a concept created by UK modeling guru Vernon Riley and to the modelers here at MRCHQ, adding the excitment of a "Kanzelwand" valley-valley Cableway to ANY HO scale amusement park or train layout is now a reality. No mountain required! Here's how we did it...








The image immediately above left shows the Brawa® 6280 "Kanzelwand" Cableway system fresh from the factory. The image above middle shows the valley cable guide assembly on the left and the summit cable guide and drive motor assembly on the right. Obviously, the down sloping cable guide of the summit assembly won't work for our valley-valley Cableway and would need to be replaced. After ordering and receiving (expensive) replacement valley cable guide parts from Brawa® in Germany, we set about to carefully remove the cable guide section from the summit assembly. This proved to be more difficult than it might appear. The image above right shows the disassembled summit cable guide on the left and, for comparison, a complete assembly on the right. 






The image immediately above left shows the modified summit drive assembly, the replacement valley cable guide and a spacer. Thanks again to Vernon Riley, we already knew that, with the replacement valley cable guide installed, the drive cable would not line up properly with the summit drive without also installing a spacer. Knowing this, we fabricated a spacer out of 1mm plastic stock. The middle image above shows the summit drive with the replacement valley cable guide and spacer installed. The image above right shows the original valley and modified summit assemblies ready to go. (Your's will arrive with the spacer painted to match.)

If you order our Modified "Kanzelwand" Package you will receive it, at no additional charge, with the above modifications already completed. You will also receive an additional 6283 Center Pylon and the 6290 "Kanzelwand" Station Buildings Set. All you'll have to do is assemble the buildings, position the "Kanzelwand" components and install the drive cable and cars. Though this may sound simple it requires precision, attention to detail and very careful measurements. For proper and reliable operation it is absolutely critical that the valley and summit cable guides and the two center pylons are in exact allignment. Take your time with your setup process.

The image at the top of this Review, courtesy of Vernon Riley, shows an installed valley-valley Cableway approximately 1 meter in length. (Additional structures not included.) Longer spans may be possible or may require additional center pylons. Those experiments will be up to you and, should you venture down this path, we hope you will share your results and insights with us.

Our Modified "Kanzelwand" Cableway Package is unique in the world of modeling. Never before has a factory original product been professionally modified to fit a specific purpose and offered at no additional modification charge. Now, for the first time, modelers everywhere can add the excitement of a valley-valley Cableway to their HO Scale amusement park or train layouts. We've done the work for you, now have some fun! Extremely cool and available ONLY at MRCHQ.

Though an age suitability rating is not suggested by the manufacturer, due to some fairly small parts and overall complexity we have rated this product for ages 14 and above.

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