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faller-product-140431-topspin-04If you have ever been to a state fair or local carnival you will recognize this marvelous tummy tumbler. Faithfully recreated in incredible detail by Faller®, their Top Spin has all the gut wrenching spins and rolls of the original ride. With a drive motor and eight gears in each of the two support towers, the computer controlled gondola and support arms spin independently through a dazzling array of gyrations that are a marvel to behold. Authentically mounted on a semi-truck trailer with rubber tires, the Top Spin appears ready to be torn down and moved on to it's next destination.

Assembly is, at times, somewhat technical and demanding and some previous model building experience is recommended before diving into this fascinating project. Once you have taken the plunge you will be amply rewarded. Top Spin is absolutely a blast to build and features some of the most varied and intriguing action of any model thrill ride. Time required for assembly should be between eight and twelve hours.

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