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Faller “Music Express” Thrill Ride
If you are into model railroading, or have spent some time on our site, you certainly know about Faller® of Germany. If you are not, and haven’t, you may not. If you are, at the same time, someone who really likes to build really cool stuff, being unfamiliar with Faller® would indeed be unfortunate and is a situation MRCHQ would like to prevent. Why? Simply put, because there are no other working model kits in the world even remotely similar to Faller® kits in concept, detail, complexity, and sheer joy of model building. This is why we sell them, this is why we build them, and this is why if, you are anything like us, we want to introduce them to you. This brings us to the Music Express. This beautiful, HO scale (1/87) motorized thrill ride has all the right features to recommend it as your gateway to a wonderful miniature world. The difficulty is only moderate, detail is way up there, and it is a joy to build. The mechanism, with brass wheels, brass axles, and rubber tires is a marvel to construct and to watch in action.

You will also be introduced to useful basic techniques like applying decals, installing lighting and acetate windows, and to building stairways, all of which are common to all Faller® models and all of which you will encounter, often extravagantly, as you graduate to more complex Faller® Thrill Ride model kits. All in all, the Music Express sacrifices only size to its’ more elaborate, and more expensive, line mates. Plus, when you choose The Faller Complete Music Express Package , available only at MRCHQ, you will receive everything you need to build this exceptional model, all at very special package savings.

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Fit and finish is exceptional. The instructions are quite good and should be read carefully and followed in the correct sequence. As always, we do have a few other helpful hints which might enhance your building experience:

1. Carefully check all the part racks for broken parts prior to assembly. There are many very small and delicate parts in this kit and you may discover some breakage. Any breaks you may find are much easier to repair prior to removing the parts from the racks.

2. We recommend using Faller® quick drying Super Expert Cement. Even if you ALWAYS replace the cap and clean the applicator stem after each use you will still find that the very thin metal applicator will occasionally clog. When this occurs, and it will occur, use a match or butane lighter to, briefly, apply heat to the applicator tip to unclog the stem. Faller Glue is available through our site. Faller® Glue is available through our site.

3. One of the first assembly steps involves using an included marker to color stripes onto the base. If you have a very steady hand, you may not need a straight edge for this process. If you do want to use a straight edge, don’t use a ruler or anything flat as the color will bleed under the edge. Instead, use the straight, rounded edge of one of the parts racks as a guide.

4. When installing acetate windows first cut them out and set them in place before applying glue. Once in place, put a small dot of glue at several places around the edge of the acetate and allow the glue to seep into place and set.

5. The motor extends about ¾ of an inch below the model. For display purposes you may need to build some sort of a base with a two inch square hole for the motor. Be creative.

6. When building the two stair assemblies, it is best to install the top and bottom steps first. Allow the glue to set and install the remaining steps.

7. For power, this European model requires either a conventional model train transformer or a difficult to locate 12-16VAC power supply neither of which is included by Faller®. 16VAC Power Supply Part# 163053 is available on our site. Good luck finding it anywhere else.

You should consider these tools and materials to aid you in your project:

  1. A small file, such as our Blue Cushion Board, for filing off any excess plastic remaining after you have removed parts from the rack.
  2. A Modeling Knife , such as our # 540-5001, for removing and trimming parts.
  3. Scotch Tape for holding some parts in place.
  4. Gel Super Glue, such as our Part# KG76648R, for various applications.
  5. Tweezers for handling small parts.

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For beginners and veteran modelers alike, the Music Express is the perfect introduction to the fascinating miniature world of Faller® Thrill Ride model kits.

Though an age suitability rating is not suggested by the manufacturer, due to some very small parts and overall complexity we have rated this product for ages 9 and above.

We are interested in hearing about building experiences with this model and would like to share your impressions with other visitors to our site.

*Categories are rated on a scale of from one to ten where applicable and reflect only the opinions and experiences of our staff. We provide these ratings only as a guideline to aid you in your product choices. Your experience may vary.

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