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The K'NEX Double Ferris Wheel, standing just over three feet tall, is the second largest member of this Pennsylvania USA based company’s line of motorized thrill ride products. Eclipsed in size only by the 5’3” tall Serpent’s Spiral roller coaster and including 977 wonderfully colorful and precisely made parts, this is truly an epic ride.

Though there is some repetition involved in assembling the elements for the two large, opposite spinning wheels, this is a very minor caveat indeed. Requiring only three to five hours to assemble, building the Double Ferris Wheel can be an entertaining and trouble free construction project for the whole family. As is typical of all K’NEX® thrill ride products, the many different parts are of extremely high quality and feature vivid colors for easy identification resulting in a beautiful finished project. If the instructions are followed carefully the process is smooth, a whole lot of fun, and rewarding at the finish line. Everything goes together exactly as it should, fit and finish is exceptional and it will work as advertised. The included clear plastic part sorting tray further streamlines the whole assembly process.

The instruction manual is accurate and easy to follow with no apparent inaccuracies or omissions and also includes plans for building a smaller second project called the “Tilt & Whirl.”

The motor does require two AA batteries which are not provided by K’NEX®. Of course, if you purchase this product from our site, we DO include the batteries at no additional charge!

The only tool required is a small Phillips screwdriver for opening and closing the battery case on the motor.

The fun doesn’t need to end with just the two thrill ride designs featured in the manual. The clever and flexible structural engineering inherent in the K’NEX® parts palette certainly lend themselves toward creation of one’s own custom construction projects. It is also possible, and highly recommended, to combine thrill ride sets for nearly endless creative potential. We encourage you to turn your creativity loose and to share your own designs with our community of modeling enthusiasts through submission to our site.

Due to some fairly small parts this terrific construction toy is rated for kids ages 8 and above, though, with adult supervision, could certainly be an appropriate family activity involving younger children as well. Great fun.

KNEXDFW Knex-DoubleFerrisWheel-wheeldblmedium KNEXDFW Knex-DoubleFerrisWheel-wheelmedium K'Nex Double Ferris Wheel Detail knexdfw_knex-doubleferriswheel-boxmedium.jpg



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