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Recently we managed to acquire a significant inventory of the extremely cool and long out of production E-R Models Von Roll Mark III HO Scale Monorail sets. Though these awesome monorails would, by themselves, undoubtedly be a great addition to any carnival or amusement park layout, if you are a stickler for detail you might feel that something was missing. That something is a monorail station. Since, unlike ground based model trains and your typical carnival rides and attractions, a monorail by definition travels above ground there was simply no commercially available solution to fill this station void. Until now, that is. The modelers at MRCHQ have come up with a simple way to build a very cool, inexpensive, custom, elevated HO Scale Monorial station and we're going to show you how to do it!

To build your elevated HO Scale Monorail Station you'll need a combination of two simple and inexpensive off-the-shelf model kits: (1) Faller 120188 Station Platform with Kiosk kit and (1) IHC 4-7767 Crossover Signal Bridge kit. The 120188 provides the Station Platform and 4-7767 Footbridge kit provides the steps and supports to elevate the station. Both of these kits are available on our site.

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Step 1:

This kit combination is elegant, simple and flexible. As seen in the images above, there are four ways to configure the platform and steps. Start by snapping together the steps and support girders of the IHC 4-7767 Footbridge kit. No glue required.

Monorail-1 monorail-4 monorail-5 monorail-7


Step 2:

Next, assemble the Faller 120188 Station Platform base leaving off the two short end sections. The simplest configuration for the platform is to use the central stairway access shown above left. You'll only need one IHC stairway for this. If you want to use one of the other three configurations, take one of the unused platform end sections, place it under the stairway access hole in the platform base, mark it for size, cut it out, sand and file to fit the hole, and glue it in place to seal the hole in the platform base. Finish assembling the platform.

Step 3:

There will be several sections of railing left over from the IHC 4-7767 Footbtidge kit. If you wish, you can adapt these for use as safety railings on the platform. For more realism, we also offer the Kibri 38605 Grey Mesh Fencing Kit and a large selection of figures on our site.

Step 4:

Set up your new station with your Monorail and have some fun. You're done!

Don't want to build your own station or looking for a less expensive alternative? Check out the NEW Life-Like 1376 Snap-Loc Elevated Station kit. Now available at MRCHQ for only $14.99! Click HERE for details. 

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