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During the era of the American Civil War, railroads, and travel by rail, were still in their relative infancy. The 4-4-0 steam locomotives and diminutive 8-wheel rolling stock of this period were mere shadows of the 2-10-4 and 4-8-2 smoke belching behemoths and elaborate 8 and 12 wheel 50-80' coaches yet to come. With their 99321190 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey P.T. Barnum Circus Train Set, Micro Trains has perfectly captured the look, feel and scale of post Civil War rail travel. Though modeled in true N Scale, the actual size of the set pieces may come as a surprise. At only 3 3/4" long, the 4-4-0 steam locomotive included in this set is a full 1" shorter, 15’ in N Scale, than Micro Trains later era 98500701 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive and would fit nicely on the back of a later era 60' Flat Car. At a stubby 2" long, or 30' in N Scale, the three Flat Cars and two Box Cars included in the set are about 2/3 the size of the Flat Cars and Billboard Cars modeled in Micro Trains classic later era RBB&B series cars. Fortunately, in this case, big isn't necessarily better. This early steam era set from Micro Trains is simply one of the most beautiful, and coolest, N Scale train sets ever produced. As we have come to expect from Micro Trains, the detail, quality and craftsmanship are all impeccable. The three new Circus Wagon loads included are spectacular and the look and presence of this landmark introduction has never been seen before. With Micro Trains notorious limited two year product cycle, this model number 99321190 will, like the era it represents, also fade into history. Made in U.S.A. Get yours now.

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