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This full-featured, 2 function DCC Decoder is available for all locomotives where this Option is listed. Professional Installation is included.


Why this Decoder?

Early Mantua and Tyco locomotives are powered by open frame 5-pole Pittman-style motors with a Peak Current Draw of 1.5 amps. Compared to the average Peak Current Draw of under .5 amps common to more modern “can” motors, this is significant. DCC was introduced long after the demise of both Mantua and Tyco and very few modern DCC Decoders were designed to handle the Current Draw of the older Pittman-style motors.

With their T-1-LED and remarkable new WOW Sound 2 amp Peak Current Draw Decoders, and a healthy respect for history, TCS has made it possible to incorporate modern DCC technology in a wide variety of our legendary vintage locomotives.



  • Back EMF Load Compensation for superior slow speed control even with heavy loads
  • Onboard Resistors for LED’s
  • Quiet Drive creates SUPER QUIET engine performance
  • Autodetect for realistic throttle response when using DC power
  • Dimmed Brightness of bulbs or LED’s is adjustable
  • Variable Momentum lets you make custom acceleration curves
  • Mars, Gyra and Rotary Beacon are adjustable
  • Decoder Lock for programming same address decoders independently
  • Function Remapping: 13 Buttons for most lights, 7 buttons for operations
  • Continuous/Peak Current Draw 1.3/2.0 Amp
  • Dimensions: 0.661 x 0.969 x 0.193” or 16.79 x 24.61 x 4.9mm

A more complete list of the many additional features of this decoder is available at