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This full-featured, 2 function DCC Decoder is available for all locomotives where this Option is listed. Professional Installation is included.


Why this Decoder?

Early Mantua and Tyco locomotives are powered by open frame 5-pole Pittman-style motors with a Peak Current Draw of 1.5 amps. Compared to the average Peak Current Draw of under .5 amps common to more modern “can” motors, this is significant. DCC was introduced long after the demise of both Mantua and Tyco and very few modern DCC Decoders were designed to handle the Current Draw of the older Pittman-style motors.

With their T-1-LED and remarkable new WOW Sound 2 amp Peak Current Draw Decoders, and a healthy respect for history, TCS has made it possible to incorporate modern DCC technology in a wide variety of our legendary vintage locomotives.



  • Back EMF Load Compensation for superior slow speed control even with heavy loads
  • Onboard Resistors for LED’s
  • Quiet Drive creates SUPER QUIET engine performance
  • Autodetect for realistic throttle response when using DC power
  • Dimmed Brightness of bulbs or LED’s is adjustable
  • Variable Momentum lets you make custom acceleration curves
  • Mars, Gyra and Rotary Beacon are adjustable
  • Decoder Lock for programming same address decoders independently
  • Function Remapping: 13 Buttons for most lights, 7 buttons for operations
  • Continuous/Peak Current Draw 1.3/2.0 Amp
  • Dimensions: 0.661 x 0.969 x 0.193” or 16.79 x 24.61 x 4.9mm

A more complete list of the many additional features of this decoder is available at



This state-of-the-art DCC Sound Decoder is available for all locomotives where this Option is listed. 

Optimal Speaker and Professional Installation are included.



  • Compatible with the NMRA DCC Standards and Recommended Practices
  • Supports 7 bit address modes for compatibility with 'simple' systems
  • Programmable acceleration, deceleration, starting voltage
  • Supports 14 bit address modes for addressing any Loco number up to 9,999
  • Supports programming on the main


  • Supports 14, 28, and 128 speed step modes
  • Speed interpolation provides smooth 128 speed step response in any mode
  • Programmable acceleration, deceleration, starting voltage
  • 7 bit consist addressing
  • 15 pre-programmed speed tables and 1 user programmable speed table
  • High Frequency Silent Motor Drive
  • Load Compensation


  • High quality digital sound
  • Individual, adjustable volume controls
  • One watt audio amplifier
  • Polyphonic Sound Processor
  • 16-bit Audio Processing
  • Playable Whistle
  • 7-band Audio Equalizer
  • Reverb


15 Lighting effects supporting “Rule 17” or automatic direction control


  • Motor Stall Current: 1 AMP Maximum
  • Function Current: 100mA (each output
  • Audio Amplifier: 1 Watt, 8 ohm load
  • Track Voltage: 27 Volts Maximum  


Restoration Certification Process

MRRHQ Vintage Steam JAN2017

Fully restored, serviced, certified and upgraded, that's the process here at the MRRHQ Vintage Model Steam Locomotive Works. Early era steam locos, post Civil War to WW1, were not just the workhorses that made it over the passes, and made the Monroe Doctrine come to pass, but were also rolling works of art. Here you will find, representing this era, a massive offering of beautifully preserved 15-50 year old HO Scale model locomotives from the, mostly, bygone great companies that built them and our great model railroading hobby.

With loving care we have preserved and restored these beautiful machines to new, and often better than new, condition
utilizing the following exhaustive process:

  • Each Locomotive is COMPLETELY disassembled.
  • Plastic Parts are cleaned, blown dry, repaired and touched up or repainted in original factory colors as required.
  • Bells, if black plastic, are painted with Brass Metallic Paint.
  • Corroded cast parts, if any, are bathed in vinegar, scrubbed, rinsed, blown dry and polished or painted as required.
  • Brass parts are polished.
  • All old chassis grease and oil is removed with Cleaner/Distillate and the chassis is cleaned, blown dry and repainted with factory original colors as required.
  • The chassis and running gear is reassembled and lubricated using modern Teflon Grease, plastic compatible Grease w/PTFE or light machine oil as appropriate.
  • NMRA "Hook" Couplers are replaced with Knuckle Couplers as required.
  • Open Frame Motors are disassembled, polished, cleaned and lubricated. Can Motors are lubricated.
  • The locomotive is reassembled and all functions tested, and adjusted as required, for optimum performance on both our test bench and test track.
  • Bridge rectifier controlled directional back-up lighting is added or optional if not an original standard feature.
  • Optional historical documents, such as original catalog pages and price sheets, are included if available.
  • Locomotive, available documentation and box, original or otherwise, are sealed in a custom made and fitted air tight heavy zip lock bag.
  • MRRHQ Certification is now complete.

Nowhere else in the world will you find another company that performs this service nor will you find this large of a selection of fully restored vintage early era scale model steam locomotives all in one place.