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The newest product from Coaster Dynamix®, the "Phoenix" has been delayed.

The newest and highly anticipated product release from Coaster Dynamix, the "Phoenix" roller coaster modeling system, originally scheduled for pre-holiday release, has been delayed. The "Phoenix, with the following features, is now scheduled for late February or early March release. We'll keep you posted. By the way, the computer simulation included with the Phoenix is beyond cool. We were and you will be totally blown away. Check back here or visit for more details. CoasterDynamix_Phoenix1.jpg CoasterDynamix_Phoenix2.jpg




• new modular design with molded track pieces keeps assembly time to a minimum
• highly detailed and durable train comes pre-assembled
• fully compatible with the flexible track system of our award winning Scorpion model
• optional expansion packs allow for infinite design possibilities
• operational station has a "passenger loading" feature for the train that includes the raising
  and lowering of shoulder restraints
• "dispatch" button allows manual control over the train function
• includes computer simulation software that allows the user to "ride" the coaster in any seat, view the ride from all angles, and get a real-time readout of G-forces and accelerations.
• operates on 4 AA batteries
• additional train styles available and sold separately


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