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Here are some helpful hints on applying the adhesive backed decorations and water soluble decals for Faller® model kits :

There are two types of decorative sheets provided with the scale model roller coaster and thrill ride model kits offered on our site. The most common type feature adhesive backed decorations with a peel off paper liner. Getting these decorations to adhere properly in place can be one of the greatest challenges you will encounter in building your model. In some cases, just peeling off the liner and applying the decoration without first preparing both surfaces simply doesn’t work. This is especially true where the application surface is uneven. When this situation arises you will certainly want to fold the adhesive backed decoration to fit the corresponding surface prior to removing it from the paper liner. (Always avoid touching the adhesive backing with your hands. Instead, use Tweezers , such as our Part# 230-500, for removal and initial placement.) Even this preparation, however, might not suffice. The decoration may still, frustratingly, refuse to stick in place. For these inevitable situations we offer two possible solutions:

  1. Choosing which ever you feel will work best, a flat plate, saucer or cup, prepare a solution of about one half cup water and two drops of dish washing liquid. Remove the liner and wet the adhesive side of the decoration sheet with that solution using a small paint brush. Also wet the corresponding plastic parts with the solution and apply the decoration decal to the plastic. Squeeze the water out from beneath the decoration sheet using a roller or soft cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly before proceeding.  This technique is especially effective, and necessary, where large decorations are involved as it allows some movement of the decoration even after placement.
  2. Flags. Many of the model kits available on our site feature decorative flags, often in large numbers. While, if prepared properly, adhesive backed decorations will adhere quite well, in the case of flags, which are folded in half to, theoretically, stick to themselves, they may not do so with any permanence. Most or all may come unstuck, especially if not first prepared with the water/soap solution. With flags, or when all else fails on flat surfaces, use a dot, or dots, of Walthers "GOO-All purpose adhesive, Part# 904299, to hold the decoration together or in place.

The second, less common type of decoration is the water soluble decal. These decals arrive on a non-adhesive paper and require full immersion in water to release the decal from the paper backing. Using a flat plate or saucer and tap water, fully immerse the decal sheet and wait several minutes. The decal is ready for application when it slides easily on the paper backing. Again, it is best not to touch these decals with your fingers. Using your tweezers, softly test the decal to see if it moves freely. When it is ready for removal, lightly slide it to edge of the paper, grab it with your tweezers and apply it to the plastic surface. Carefully slide into place and pat very lightly with a soft cloth or paper towel to remove excess water. Allow to dry completely. 

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