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Here is an excerpt from the MRCHQ Review of the Faller® Music Express: "If you are into model railroading, or have spent some time on our site, you certainly know about Faller® of Germany. If you are not, and haven’t, you may not. If you are, at the same time, someone who really likes to build really cool stuff, being unfamiliar with Faller® would indeed be unfortunate and is a situation MRCHQ would like to prevent. Why? Simply put, because there are no other working model kits in the world even remotely similar to Faller® kits in concept, detail, complexity, and sheer joy of model building. This is why we sell them, this is why we build them, and this is why if, you are anything like us, we want to introduce them to you."

Though this excerpt pretty much says it all, let's take this a little further. It is a fact that, in the overall scope of things, very few people even know that Faller® Thrill Ride models exist and even fewer have had the opportunity to build one. It is also a fact that this is too bad. We want to change this and really encourage you to give one a shot. Sure, with the Euro/Dollar exchange rate they aren't cheap. Sure they take a fair amount of time to build but that doesn't mean there isn't value to be had. Take the Music Express for example. For the price of two or three decent, not great, dinners out you could have this model including everything you will need to build it. With the dinners you'll spend your bucks and get maybe four or five hours of, if all goes right, epicurean pleasure and pleasant conversation. All you'll end up with, if all goes right, is a full stomach and a pleasant memory. The Music Express , on the other hand, will provide you with ten to twenty hours of modeling goodness and you'll end up not only with a sense of accomplishment but with something you can display and revisit for years with pride. You tell me which is a better value. 

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