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NEW Soundtraxx TSU-750 Micro-Tsunami® Digital Sound Decoder™

Here at the Model Roller Coaster HQ Vintage Model Steam Locomotive Works we are very particular when it comes to adding sound to our awesome vintage steam locos. After all, our clients deserve the finest vintage steam locomotives with only the very best sound quality from only the very best manufacturers. That's why we only offer sale and installation of TCS WOWSound® and Soundtraxx Tsunami® 16 Bit sound decoders as an option for many of our fully restored vintage locos. Enter the NEW TSU-750 Micro-Tsunami® Digital Sound Decoder™ from Soundtraxx. image-TSU750-lighting-control-boardWith its diminutive size, this full-featured powerhouse now makes possible the addition of state-of-the-art 16 bit sound to many locos where previous larger 16 bit decoders simply wouldn't fit. Wait, we're not done. In locos that DO have adequate installation space, using a smaller decoder also allows extra room for larger speakers and larger speaker enclosures.

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History of the John Deere Waterloo Tractor Works

The story of how John Deere Waterloo Tractor Works came into being goes back more than 100 years, when Benjamin Harrison was president of the United States and Admiral Robert E. Perry made the first of his polar expeditions…
…well over a half century ago, when Randolph Diesel took out his first patent on the type of engine which bears his name and is wide use today; back to the time when hissing, panting, whistling steam engines were used to power threshers and a few other stationary machines….when farming meant long hard days of tiring muscle work and far less production per man and acre than with today’s modern methods of power farming…
…back to the year, 1892, when some of the folks around a small farming community in northeastern Iowa were considerably amused by what a man named John Froelich was saying.
john froelichJohn FroelichThey admitted that he had invented two or three mighty handy gadgets, and that he was a good businessman—what with running a grain elevator, and picking up extra income with a well-digging outfit and with the straw-burning smoke-and-spark spitting steam traction engine and threshing rig which he took on “runs” in Iowa and South Dakota each harvest season.
But, after all, John wouldn’t see 40 again. He was old enough to know better than to go around saying that mechanical power had a great future—that some day traction engines would do the work of horses even on medium sized farms. As for his talk about inventing a smaller traction engine, one that would run on gasoline—could it be that John had been out in the sun too much?
Well…John Froelich was born on November 24, 1849 in Girard, Iowa, but he was living in nearby Froelich, (named for his father) when he began wondering if he couldn’t build a more useful traction engine than the steam engines then in use.

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Bachmann 44902 E-Z Command® Digital Command Control System Tutorials

Enjoy the fastest way to reap the benefits of DCC with the Bachmann 44902 E-Z Command® Digital Command Control System. In partnership with Lenz Elektronik GmbH, Bachmann brings you a DCC system that is both easy to use and affordable for novice and experienced hobbyists alike.

E-Z Command® allows modelers to digitally control speed, direction, lighting, and sound of multiple locomotives., E-Z Command® also streamlines the programming process with simple, main-track programming.

The following video tutorials show just how simple the E-Z Command® Digital Command Control System is to connect, set up, program and operate.

Click HERE to go to the Bachmann 44902 E-Z Command® Digital Command Control System Product Page.



Faller® Thrill Ride Models

Here is an excerpt from the MRCHQ Review of the Faller® Music Express: "If you are into model railroading, or have spent some time on our site, you certainly know about Faller® of Germany. If you are not, and haven’t, you may not. If you are, at the same time, someone who really likes to build really cool stuff, being unfamiliar with Faller® would indeed be unfortunate and is a situation MRCHQ would like to prevent. Why? Simply put, because there are no other working model kits in the world even remotely similar to Faller® kits in concept, detail, complexity, and sheer joy of model building. This is why we sell them, this is why we build them, and this is why if, you are anything like us, we want to introduce them to you."

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I Know You're Out There

Okay, I need your help. Of course we monitor traffic on our site and, judging from the thousands of visitors to our site every month, I know you're out there. All of us here at MRCHQ want to make this site the best it possibly can be and, to do this, we want and need your feedback. Let us know what you like, don't like, agree with, disagree with, or what you'ld like to see more or less of. Without your comments all we see are just a bunch of diagnostic numbers. So, help us make this not just a great site but a great community site. Share your opinions, coaster designs, and information with us so we'll know if we're on the right track. C'mon, I know you're out there.

Your Source for Faller Parts

Looking for those hard to find Faller model parts? Model Roller Coaster HQ is now your source. Check out our extensive parts list here. We have recently acquired a huge quantity of parts, packaging and accessories from many past and current Faller HO Scale funfair, amusement and thrill ride model kits and are ready to supply your part requirements. Use our Contact Form for your parts requests. Also, be sure and check out our selection of classic Faller models, past and present, that we have restored to complete and authentic condition. Now available in very limited quantities at exceptional value.

Riders for Coaster Dynamix Trains Now In Stock

We've had many requests to offer scale model riders for the various Coaster Dynamix trains. After much searching and testing we have found them and they certainly add fun and realism. If you have any of the sadly now discontinued Coaster Dynamix accessory trains, The Floorless, Looping, Hyper etc., these figures will work with no modification. With current Scorpion and Dragon trains, however, you will need to get out out your modeling knife or drill and Super Glue to achieve a perfect fit. There is a small tab at the bottom front of each seat which is meant to secure the seat restraints. For the passengers to fit properly you will need either to remove this tab or, better yet, to drill or cut a small hole in the bottom of each passenger to accomodate the notch. This second method is preferrable as it also helps secure the passenger. In either case, you might also wish to reposition the seat restraints some what and secure them in place with Super Glue, Rubber Cement or some other method. Unfortunately, no currently available passengers will work with Phoenix IF you still want the seats restraints to raise and lower as the train enters and leaves the station. If you can do without this feature, simply remove the four small upright pieces at either end of the station which activate the seat restraints and add your passengers.They will fit nicely.

Phoenix Expansion Packs

Article Update - the Phoenix and Sidewinder Expansion packs from Coaster Dynamix are IN! You can order them Here...

In the latest update from Coaster Dynamix, the long awaited and eagerly anticipated Expansion Packs for the Phoenix are scheduled to arrive in late August or early September. Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted as we know more. We will also be emailing all of our Phoenix clients when these kits actually become available.

Scorpions for Christmas 2011?

That's right, you heard it here first. MRCHQ has been informed directly by Coaster Dynamix that they are considering what is described as a "limited re-release" of their classic and much missed Scorpion Roller Coaster Modeling System for the 2011 Holiday season. We are still waiting on full disclosure of what changes/upgrades (if any) have been made to this great coaster but we can tell you this: if released it will be in Phoenix colors and be fully compatible with Phoenix and the Phoenix/Sidewinder Expansion Pack! Check "Comments" below for further updates as they become available.

"O" Scale Big Dipper Kit

Following on the tails of our scoop on Scorpions for the 2011 Holiday season we are also letting the cat out of the bag on another proposed new product for the 2011 Holiday season from Coaster Dynamix. Due to popular demand, Coaster Dynamix is planning to offer their super cool "O" Scale Big Dipper in kit form. Cost should be about $400 US, a full $200 less than the currently available assembled model. Shipping cost will also be about $100 less than the assembled model making for a great value. We can't wait. We'll keep you updated as we hear more.

Phoenix out of stock.......again

The immensely popular Phoenix Roller Coaster Modeling System from Coaster Dynamix is, once again, out of stock and, according to the latest info from CD, won't be available again until late September 2011. In fact, CD has been out of stock with Phoenix for almost six  months now and, until this week, thanks to our huge Phoenix purchases, MRCHQ has been the only place you could get one. Sadly, we are now also out of stock of this great coaster but want to thank all of our Phoenix clients for their support. We also want to assure all of you still wanting a Phoenix that we will have it back in stock as soon as possible. Check back here for availability updates as we know more and, if you wish to receive an e-mail as soon as Phoenix is back in stock, click the "Notify Me" button on the Phoenix product page on our site.

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